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MY BLOG - heading off any confusion . . .

BLOG START (on this site) OCTOBER 2009
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For those who may have an interest in my mundane day to day exploits on the plot I'd better explain who's who otherwise my diary/ blog entries won't make any sense to anyone who reads them!
  • My wife, helper & processing agent for my crops (in everyday language - The Cook) is Josie
  • My sons (eldest first) are: Brett (my muscle man when I need a hand with the more heavy work) who will also have a plot next to mine sometime between October and 2010 I hope. Damian he's married with two daughters up in Birkenhead. At the moment he's nursing a scorpion fish sting he got whilst the family were in Turkey on holidays a few weeks back! Alex he lives in Llandybie with his partner and small son. He's also a keen gardener and has just aquired about 150 sq metres of land right next to his house (lucky devil). Teifion is the youngest and still at school. His only interests in life are his skateboard and guitar. His interest in gardening extends to robbing all the peas on our allotment! Lennox - our 'Staffie' - who is so human he could double for Brian in Family Guy. Then there's the names you might come across who are my fellow allotmenteers:
  • Meurig & Louise Jones - he's my "plot neighbour" at the moment and Louise is our secretary.
  • Anthony & Sue Holder - Sue also doubles up as our association treasurer.
  • Diana - she shares a plot with Sue Evans and is this year's Chairlady
  • Richard - he's got the next plot down. Then there's
  • Hywel & Lisa - they have the end plot. And then there's
  • Jon Tuson - it's on his plot that I currently do my thing (Jon's been a little busy). So he kindly "lent" me his growing area until I get mine when the Phase 2 site comes into being. It was supposed to be ready this October. So fingers crossed that Brett & I will be able to get stuck into our new plots soon.
  • Last, but certainly, not least, there's what we call the 'Last Of The Summer Wine' gang (Anthony, Mike and Lyn). Three retired friends who are teenagers at heart who spend most of their day out walking and entertaining themselves. The three are from south Wales (Ammanford and Glyncorrwg) but spend most of their summers staying up here by the sea. The allotment is one of their ports of call when they're out walking, they pop in for a cuppa and a chat that can sometimes last for hours! At the end of the summer they disappear back to the south - just like the swallows - only to reappear again in the spring. Priceless!

Sounds a bit like a soap opera credits list doesn't it? I'm sure you'll get the hangof it all as time progresses.


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Last updated 3032 days ago by BigGee

I'm in the know now BG, it does sound like you could make a soap there!!!" Down on the allotment" :-)

You could do that BG get someone to video the antics down on the allotment, and post them here, be fun to watch :-)

lainey 2940 days ago



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