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Hope you're better soon FERGI!

Here's a little something to cheer you up!

From ALL your friends at The Chat-Shed:



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Here's a little get well card that I've put on here for. Our members can add their wishes in the comment box below.



We miss you!


BigGee 1934 days ago

Sorry to hear you are poorly hope you soon get better look forward to chatting to you soon in the shed :)

Get better soon 


dave 1934 days ago

We're sorry to hear you're under the weather, so hope yuou get better soon and get back to your usual self.

Mike & Rosey

chippy 1934 days ago

Hello Fergi, we have never met in the shed, but I wish you all the  best.....hope you feel better soon.

Star 1934 days ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery Fergi, and back on your feet soon,enjoying the things and love doing the most.

taffcrew 1933 days ago

Had good news and bad news, good news transplant team at q/e/Birmingham happy with the results liver working OK.But i now have a massive hernia under the ribs they say as there is no muscle there they cant bridge it. I will need plastic surgery to take muscle from another part of the body. More bad news i may have to go to Liverpool for this op.Roll on the new year. So thanks again           Phil

fergi 1917 days ago

Hi Fergi -

That's really good news about the liver transplant Phil. Regarding the hernia, it sounds like a bit of a long drawn out process, but at least hernias are treatable - although yours looks rather complicated. We're thinking of you Mate. Keep your chin up!

I did put a link on The Wire to the picture you uploaded, but it seems to have disappeared. I guess you must have removed it. If you want me to post it here then send me a copy - if you don't then I understand.

You keep well and rested until your next op. No tidying up on the lottie!! You'll need your strength for more important things.


BigGee 1917 days ago



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