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Today, allotments are again (thankfully) enjoying a resurgence; partly because people are becoming more aware of the benefits to their health and the environment and sadly because we are fast approaching a critical period in our economic system the World over. Today you're more likely to meet professional career people than the traditional 'poor' cloth-capped  labourer - as having an allotment is becoming more of a lifestyle choice. Often the problem however, is where to find land to cultivate.

If you have difficulty finding land  then check out the new and exciting landshare programme that helps twin people with unwanted land with those who are looking for land


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Last updated 1947 days ago by BigGee

What a brilliant idea, I have just posted a listing. Fingers crossed somebody local needs some help

SarahB 2968 days ago

For any members or viewers from the Lampeter area - I just got this post in from LandShare who is one of our Twitter followers.

@landshare 25 Lampeter Allotments available: There are 25 full size new allotments in Llanfair Clydogau. H... http://bit.ly/cf5nkm

BigGee 2932 days ago



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