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Lugumes (beans, peas etc.)

What's causing the black marks that are developing on my Runner Bean pods?

Your beans are likely to be suffering from the disease bean anthracnose, which affects both runner and dwarf French beans.

Brown stripes develop on the stems, reddening on the underside of the leaf veins. This is often followed by the leaves withering and dying. Rounded, reddish spots then develop on the pods and soon spread to the developing beans.

Affected plants should be destroyed and healthy ones could be sprayed with a suitable fungicide (copper based types are approved by the Soil Association so are OK for organic growers) to protect against infection. Next year make sure you grow your beans in a different part of the garden and spray to protect them if necessary.

This is one of the problems experienced when the same crop is grown in the same soil for many years. Hence the importance of crop rotation.



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