What a weekend

May 25, 2010 by ollie2009   Comments (3)

general gardening

What a weekend.

Carboot sale on Saturday morning (up at 6), sold off some of last years alpine strawberrys i had left over, re felted next door neighburs summer house, not to bad a job if i say so myself.

Put new waterbarrel on raised platform i built - and the platform didnt collapse - will put some pics on and you will see why - belts and brasses lol

BBQ saturday evening, out in the garden having a few beers, decided to move in doors when it got cooler - but ended up out front with other neighburs till 12 midnight lol

came in and fell asleep on couch till 3 in the morning
Sunday - hangover o joy

planted out sweetcorn, pumpkins and courgettes, more beetroot, peas and put melon pear plant and tumbling tom into hanging baskets

yet another BBQ - no drink this time (well 1 bottle)


now its cold again - whats happened :/

Yes that was a weekend wasn't it ollie, very busy bee and sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

Yep sure has got colder, very windy here too :/

lainey 2798 days ago

You seem to have had a good week end

It was somewhat cooler here aswell on Tue. The sun is shining now (Wednes morn) but I don't know if it will last.

Hywel 2798 days ago

I have been away for a long weekend in Shropshire Nr Church Stretton had a lovely 4 days weather was beautiful a bit hot for walking to far. what happened to Spring straight from winter to Summer. Now the rain which is needed on the plot.

dave 2797 days ago



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