Your favourite I believe G?

September 1, 2013 by dave   Comments (4)

I had this given to me today by another plot holder with a poly-tunnel.

First time I ever clapped eyes on one of these you will have to tell me what to do with it as you the expert ;)

Perhaps this will help! Apparently it is a lemon cucumber 

My specs ha ha :)

My favourite polytunnel fruit is melon.

Is this a melon or a white aubergine? It's hard to tell isn't it - can you enlighten me as to what it actually is Dave? I can't even tell what size it is without a reference - is it melon size or plumb size?

You really have caught me on the hop this time (you swine!!!!!)


BigGee 1635 days ago

Sorry about that mate forgot only I know how big it is on the kitchen worktop.

dave 1634 days ago

Ah - LEMON CUC! Yes it is one of my favourite cucumbers - how on earth did it turn out that colour?

It's a good size too - judging by your specs! Mine were yellow and about the size of a lemon - in fact - you could quite easily mistake it for a large lemon.

The one above is either a slightly different variety or it's lost it's 'yellowness' by growing to that size.

Tell Sam to let me know what it tastes like - because I know you're not a cuc lover.

BigGee 1634 days ago

Here's a photo of a proper lemon cuc that I grew last year:

BigGee 1625 days ago



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