Our First all new open day with less serious show.

August 10, 2013 by dave   Comments (3)

Here are some pics from todays show. We had an auction at the end. We made just over £300 in total.

Cakes in cake show


A big success all around by the looks of it! Not least the dosh you made. What an example to other less ambitious allotment groups.

Long may it last Mate. I presume the new show format was also a success?

BigGee 1624 days ago

Good show Dave..cakes look nice.

The skies looked threatening, I hope you stayed dry.

Star 1624 days ago

:) Thank you both yes It did stay dry for us thank goodness.Sma entered 3 cakes 2 lemon drizzle cakes and 1 coffee and walnet alas did not win or even get 3rd place this year ;(.

We will have to buck our ideas up Re. Advertising it better next year to get more public in as mainly friends and family some public and 2 new plotholders which was good.

dave 1624 days ago



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