Harvest time AGAIN my onions and spuds

August 9, 2013 by dave   Comments (2)

My onions were ready to harvest here are some Pics. Intend to dry them in green house.

The second lot of garlic soon be ready

You certainly seem t "know your onions" Dave!!! ;)

I lifted all my shallots yesterday. I put them in a big trugg - hoping to tie them in bunches today -  to dry in the polytunnel  'Best plans of men & mice' I've been holed up today with a headache, earache & my teeth hurt when I clench them. I guess some kind of inflammation on the nerve or possibly a virus - I have a temperature tonight :/

We'll see what tomorrow brings - off to bed with a couple of Co-codamols now! If I feel better in the morning I'll take some photos to post in the Shed.

BigGee 1626 days ago

Sure hope you feeling better today. Poor old you in the wars.

dave 1625 days ago



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