Harvest time again

July 27, 2013 by dave   Comments (2)

2 haulms of spuds

My shallots

The runner beans

The French beans

The Broad Beans

The runner bean plants

The french beans

Alas the beans have not come true as they green the only purple ones are the climbing French Beans.

:) Good though for first picking will be cooking them tomorrow.

dave 1639 days ago

Excellent crops Dave! My runner beans are only about three inches long at the mo. The French beans are just starting to flower. Broad beans are ready to pick (haven't got round to it yet). I've been lifting new potatoes (Vales Emerald, Charlotte & Ulster Classic since June 21st - bumper crop this year.

Some of the beans HAVE come true from your pics Dave, not all, but some have. As the pods mature they get darker. Mark the plants that produce the dark pods & keep the beans to maturity for planting next year.

BigGee 1639 days ago



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