My first tomatoes in new greenhouse

July 11, 2013 by dave   Comments (3)

Progress of tomatoes flowers setting and fruits forming.

Now I feel sick! Mine are about six weeks behind yours Dave. They're VERY slow this year - what didn't help was the set-back they had when I fried all my seedlings one hot day in the polytunnel with the doors closed! I'm still paying the price for that little boo-boo.

BigGee 1686 days ago

:/ Very annoying when things go wrong because you cannot turn the clock back to regain lost time Grrr!!!

I have been extremley lucky with stuff this year fortunatly :)

dave 1685 days ago

I'm a bit jealous, I only have  fruits on my little cherry toms,none of my cordons have set yet :(

Toptaff 1683 days ago



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