Progress of beans

July 6, 2013 by dave   Comments (4)

G's beans are at the top of sticks and in full flower

That's my girls! They seem to like you Dave! A real show. Can't wait to see how they produce with you.

Mine are a few weeks off yours - but they are starting to get stuck in now. The Armstrong are nearly to the top, the Aeron Purple Queens are a few weeks behind - you'll remember I fried the first lot in my tunnel on a sunny day with the doors closed. They never recovered and I had to sow some more about six weeks ago. They are catching up though, some are about halfway up the sticks by now. Plenty of time till autumn! Besides it will cut down on my glut having the beans come in two stages.


BigGee 1659 days ago

They're much further ahead than mine Dave! I'm jealous,but my broad beans are coming along nicely.

Toptaff 1656 days ago

If you want to try them out Toptaff, you're welcome to some bean seeds come autumn. Assuming they'll come true. I only discovered them amongst my Polestar last year. They have purple pods & black beans that taste heavenly.

Fingers crossed we have a new variety here. Aeron Purple Star (discovered in Aberaeron!)

BigGee 1656 days ago

Hi Toptaff thanks for that, yes I am very pleased with the way they are growing they are past the top of the canes now and flowering like crazy.

You doing better with your broad beans I have only got 5 small plants.

dave 1656 days ago



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