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Does anybody have any bergamot (bee balm) seeds.  I'm very happy to pay  I bought a plant from a car boot sale a few years ago and I'm not sure whether it's an annual or if I killed it, but I can't find seeds anywhere. The flower itself is unusual and the perfume is devine.   Phase let  me know if you can help  :) 

Bergamot (it's also known as oswego tea) it's a hardy perennial from north america. It was used a lot by native American tribes to soothe bronchial complaints and relieve colds. Being hardy it's strange that you may have killed it! It's at ease in almost any soil, but it prefer a slightly moist spot with full sun; they become somewhat floppy when grown in the shade. These plants are vigorous spreaders, so excess plants (which is usually the problem encountered) should be removed from time to time. Plant it where air circulation is good Irene, because mildew can be a problem. Is that what your original plant suffered from perhaps?

Seeds are as cheap as chips (although chips aren't that cheap anymore!!)

Try Nicky's Nursery at:

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