From My Allotment Diary (Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 2013)

November 6, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (2)

I think it's high time to update my blog. It's been ages since I've had a chance to apply myself to it. I'm well covered with excuses for not doing so though.

It's been a very busy little period. Not so much on the lottie, because of the weather, but goodness knows there's plenty to do down there. It's screaming out for a good autumn tidy-up. I made a good start a few weeks back, and just over a ½ of it has been cleared & dug over, but the rest is proving very slow. I also have my polytunnel to sort out, but I've still got a few tomato plants that are still cropping and one cucumber plant doesn't seem to know when to stop! It seems such a shame to stop things whilst they're still fruiting - but they are on their last legs, they won't put up with much more prolonged cool weather and shortening days.

The main focus for me has been the new gardeners Forum that I've built. It's been a bit of a slog getting it completed, but it's up and running now and has been live for about a fortnight. However the work doesn't end there, the trick now is to attract members. That is an evolving process. It's a catch 22. In it's early days it has few members so the number of posts are low, as it attracts more members then the posts and the interest should blossom - but it doesn't happen overnight. So anyone reading this blog please look the Forum up and tell all your friends about it. The URL address is:

In between hours dedicated to building the Forum site there's always the other things going on around us. I often think that middle aged people like us get a double whammy. We have the generation before us to care for & help. In our case it's my mother who's well into her eighties now and living on her own. Then we have the generation behind us, that consists of four sons ranging from late thirties to an 18 year old (although they're all living away from home by now) & then there's the grandchildren. Without a doubt it's the 'middle' generation - which is now us - that tends to burden the greatest load when it comes to families. Ah well - it's the way of things i suppose, I just hope that the generation behind us looks after us when we move on to the next stage!! Mustn't dwell on that . . .

imageAnd 'oh yes' there's the Aeron Purple Star beans to get out, now that they're sufficiently dried. That'll be another day marked off for attention in the next week or so. With nearly 70 requests for seeds to be sent out I'll have to press-gang the 'kitchen staff' into service I think, but she's quite good with things like that - bless her!


Blimy never seen so many beans. You got more than me dried most of mine are still purple. Wish I had the room you have at your place. My poor plot is nowhere near the condition I would like it to be.

dave 1566 days ago

I don't think anyone's plot is up to the condition they would like it. Definately not mine.

Think on the bright side about your room Dave - less space to clutter & less time cleaning & tidying!! ;)

I was panicking whether I'd have enough bean seeds for the Aeron Purple Star orders - but it looks as if I've got some to spare - thankfully! Phew! So- it doesn't look as if I'll have to come begging off you. Nice to know there were a few in reserve though! Thanks.

BigGee 1565 days ago



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