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By this time of the year things should be slowing down a bit, but I think my clock is wired backwards, because time is just flying by!

Since my last blog post (which seems like yesterday) there doesn't seem to have been enough hours in the day. I suppose all the little "time eaters" add up. This last month we seem to have had extra appointments - Drs, hospitals, opticians, dentists, chiropodist etc. etc. These appointments aren't a big deal separately, they just seemed to have arrived in a cluster. Added to that we've had visitors for most weeks in the summer (both family, friends & the canine variety).

The last were Dave Amphlett & Samantha - Dave is "tig2dave" here in the Shed (the web-site members on this site who read this blog will know who I mean). Thoroughly enjoyable - I must be doing something right for them to travel all the way down from King's Norton two years on the trot to see us! Long may it continue. Here are a few 'holiday' snap-shots:

From left to right Moi, "Her indoors" with the K9 lodger & Dave


Same again but with Sam on the far right


Just before Dave & Sam arrived from the Midlands we'd got busy lifting our potatoes before the Indian Summer gave way to the autumn rains - which have arrived big style by now!

imageWhat a bumper season 2013 has been for the spuds!

Although Mr Blight did arrive towards the end of the season, it was too late for him to cause much damage. A few haulms caught a glancing blow, but all the tubers seem to have escaped any damage. Excellent size & quantity. Probably the best crop for years as can be seen above.

My other half was pressed ganged into action for the 'big lift' (it gives her a nice little change of scenery once a year - imageso I unlocked the ankle shackle that tethers her to the kitchen sink & led her down the lottie for a day out and a bit of fresh air! )

imageShe looks quite happy with the treat doesn't she? She doesn't mind the K9 lodger supervising at close quarters - just in case she makes a dash for it!

But the drama doesn't end there. Just after the photo below was taken, she straightened up & spun around too quickly, the result?

imageA rush of blood from the grey matter and the next thing I heard was an almighty crash. I turned around to find that she'd fainted, crashed into a water butt, and landed on some concrete blocks (this is what you get when you take your kitchen staff out to the fields on a hot day)! Jokes apart, she had a nasty fall & landed up with a big bruise on her back & a lump on her arm (don't forget that this was during the time her broken little toe was mending from the supermarket trolley experience that I reported in my last blog). But being a plucky Scouser, she got up, brushed herself down and just carried on. They don't make them like that anymore!

The other rod I've made for my back this year is to invite some fellow lottie gardeners to try my personally bred new runner bean strain that I've named the Aeron Purple Star.image As members of the gardeners Chat-Shed & readers of my blog will know, this is a variety that I bred a few seasons back. After trialling them to check they come true I gave them a name and then decided to let some gardeners know of their existence. So I posted a couple of messages on my own web-sites and then posted a few messages on other gardening forums. Whilst I expected a few responses imageI didn't anticipate the deluge of enquiries I've received! So I've been frantically harvesting the pods, shelling & drying them to send out to fulfil my 'orders'.  I hope I'll have enough to go round! The bean count for the orders is fast approaching a thousand. So not only will I use up my own crop but the crops of my triallers as well. Happy days - it's a nice headache though - but time consuming - I ordered a box of 150 Jiffy bags yesterday!

The time finally arrived last week to take our K9 lodger 'Wilson' back imageto his rightful home. (I know it's an odd name for a dog but didn't you  see the Tom Hanks film 'Cast Away'? CLICK HERE to see a clip of the scene where he thought he's lost Wilson). Our Wilson's been with us for weeks and had become a permanent fixture. His 'holiday' started way back in August when he turned up with our grandson Cai's baggage when he came to stay with us for his summer holidays. Cai went back & Wilson stayed on - I think I've explained why in an earlier blog post. Anyway much as it grieved us he had to go - I think he was quite sad too!



:) I can definitely say we had a really good time with G & Josie she looked after us like royalty. We were lucky with the weather warm and sunny most of the time.

I can certainly vouch for the crops most of what we ate came off the plot the beans are excellent taste stringless and tender.

dave 1603 days ago

Hi G a pic of new porch.

dave 1603 days ago

That looks fantastic Dave - nice tile work!


BigGee 1603 days ago



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