From My Allotment Diary (Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 2013)

August 28, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (1)

It's been a struggle over the last week or two. Work on the lottie has been limited to minimalist effort watering & feeding in the polytunnel in the evening, harvesting bits 'n pieces as needed and not much more.


I've been dogged by a continuous headache, feeling exceptionally tired and exhausted & generally not feeling very well at all. Visits to the lottie have been more of a necessity than a willingness to go there for pleasure.


Whether it's a virus that's hit me or the side effects of a new treatment I've started I don't know. The symptoms have coincided with the time I've been injecting Liraglutide (Victoza) for my diabetes problem, but that may be a coincidence, so I'm waiting to see how things pan out. Either way I've been feeling exceptionally rough with no enthusiasm to do much. Nausea has also been a problem, but that probably is the effects of the daily injection - apparently it's a common side effect in the early days, as is headaches, but the fatigue may be due to other factors. Ah well nothing to do but press on.


We've had a busy time of it in any case, with lots of visitors coming to stay & having our four year old grandson Cai with us during his summer holidays. You forget how an active four year old takes it out of you! He goes home tomorrow - that'll give the peas a chance to grow again! We took him out to Aberystwyth castle today & spent the day picnicking and following him around the castle playground! A good job our No. 4 son Teifion was also with us, so that helped, but just sitting in the sun and strolling about felt like a hard & difficult day's work for me.


At least I've managed to write the news-letter and got it e-mailed out last night to all our members in the Chat-Shed & on the Aeron Vale Allotment Society web-site. That's another chore put to bed till October! Click on the download icon below if you'd like to read my efforts:


talk of October, the nights are already visibly drawing in, another six weeks or so and the old clocks go back an hour - I'm REALLY looking forward to that (not). The thought of it depresses me even further.


:( Oh dear poor you hope you soon be feeling better.

Dark nights a comin :/ me to do not like em Lets hope we do not get a lot of the white stuff again now thats a real pain.

Nice one the radio spot really good mate spot on you sounded good on there :P

dave 1635 days ago



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