From My Allotment Diary (Monday, Aug. 19th, 2013)

August 19, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (3)

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imageJust a quick blog to show off one of my cucumbers that I picked over the weekend.

It's meant to be a shortish variety called 'petite'. Now either a different variety of seed sneaked into the packet of 'petite', or there's been a genetic throwback somewhere!

imageThis specimen has reached 23" and it was still growing well before I picked it. It's brothers & sisters seem to be long and slender as well. Amazing, if I wanted long slim cucs I'd probably have landed up with gherkins! On the other hand, this year I thought I'd try a short cuc (after all most long varieties only get half eaten in in one go in our house) so I tried this 'petite' that I hadn't grown before and look what I landed up with!

I think it's called "Sod's Law" - I'm not complaining though. Next year I'll be back to lemon cucs & one green variety. They're yellow round ones that actually have a slight lemony taste - they're beautiful & sweet. Unfortunately the cold spring meant that the germination rates for the lemon cucs was a disaster - que sera, sera I suppose - as Doris Day once famously sang!



:)Wow what a whopper, what does it TASTE like that is the question.

I do not eat them as they do not like me they give me indigestion also radish's I do not like either thats why I never grow them.

dave 1644 days ago

I haven't tasted it yet Dave!

Like you I'm not a big fan of cucumber - I give most of them away, although I will tolerate a bit (peeled) in salad. I HATE radish, can't understand why anyone would eat the stuff. I never grow it, probably never will!

Looks like we have a lot in common

BigGee 1643 days ago

Out of interest it tasted nice Dave - for cucumber lovers! Mild and sweet - no bitterness. That's from a 'casual' and not 'dedicated' cuc eater! Josie's sister & her husband are coming to stay this weekend. She loves cucumber so that'll be the 'acid' test! ;)

BigGee 1641 days ago



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