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I am a Frangiholic.!!!!!!

August 9, 2014 by Star   Comments (0)

Yes, shock , horror.

I am a Frangiholic and it has been 24 hours since I last touched a Frangipani!!!!

How does one become a Frangiholic you may ask. Well take a seat and I will explain.

It was about 7 years ago, when I was given my first Frangipani cuttings from a neighbour. I think half the addiction is the ease in which they take root….you just let the cut stem dry out and then stick in the ground or pot.


These were the first ones I got, this is how they look now in winter, funny how some lose their leaves before others.

I think when you first see the clean crisp perfectly formed flowers you become hooked.DSCF1302


Then you learn about all the other colours there are, each one as beautiful as the other.

I daren’t count up how many I have.

Each frangipnani I own

These are the ones I have that have flowered, add to these 26 seedlings I have been given, that have yet to flower so have no idea what colour they might be. They could take 2 years to flower.


I was given some very special cuttings from a friend who was moving to Queensland, he gave me 7 rare ones and one unknown. If I had had to buy them they would have cost me $464


I potted them up yesterday, now just have to wait and hope they flower this year, as they are cuttings they should.

Sometimes you get a flower with 6 petals instead of the usual 5, some people say this is lucky.

Now some of my favourite ones.


Raspberry Royale.


W.A Sunset.


I think this one might be Bowen Yellow.


To be a Frangiholic you must also be on a page on Facebook for lovers of Frangipanis in Perth. Also when you post a  photo and a friend says” that would look lovely as a canvas” you think to yourself “of course it would” and fate being fate the next day you get some junk mail for canvas prints at an unbelievable price you jump at it.


The said photo.


Said canvas above my bed.

Perhaps you can see why I am a Frangiholic.

Summer is coming and I am waiting with bated breath to see my new babies flower.

I have some more pinks and some reds, I think I will have to dig up some of the front garden to accommodate them.

So yes, I proudly admit to being a Frangiholic……lol



November 10, 2013 by irene   Comments (2)

Hi everyone. Irene here.  I've managed to make it back.  I've had to re register but at least I can talk to everyone again.  King forward to catching  up.

Another one for you G

September 8, 2013 by dave   Comments (1)

:) Found these growing on an empty plot thought they were Blueberries but not quite the same where flower was + inside not creamy coloured bur dark red and not as sweet. Leaves are very similar. Could they be Billberries?


September 5, 2013 by Jaime   Comments (6)

HI could anyone tell me if it is possible to get whitefly come in from an open window on a second floor? or is it possible the whitefly was on my plant when i bought it?

Your favourite I believe G?

September 1, 2013 by dave   Comments (4)

I had this given to me today by another plot holder with a poly-tunnel.

First time I ever clapped eyes on one of these you will have to tell me what to do with it as you the expert ;)

Perhaps this will help! Apparently it is a lemon cucumber 

My specs ha ha :)

Mystery bush

August 12, 2013 by dave   Comments (6)

One of our ladies planted a fruit area a couple of years ago and the labels have erased and she does not know what this bush is wondered if you could help identify it.

Our First all new open day with less serious show.

August 10, 2013 by dave   Comments (3)

Here are some pics from todays show. We had an auction at the end. We made just over £300 in total.

Cakes in cake show

Harvest time AGAIN my onions and spuds

August 9, 2013 by dave   Comments (2)

My onions were ready to harvest here are some Pics. Intend to dry them in green house.

The second lot of garlic soon be ready

Purple pots.,

August 5, 2013 by Betty Boop   Comments (1)



Read the August Newsletter and enjoyed it G. but talking of purple potatoes - love the colour but don't think I could eat a whole one !  B.B

P.S. Love the hat - we all want one !



Harvest time again

July 27, 2013 by dave   Comments (2)

2 haulms of spuds

My shallots

The runner beans

The French beans

The Broad Beans

The runner bean plants

The french beans



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