March 2014

From My Allotment Diary (Thursday, March. 20th, 2014)

March 20, 2014 by BigGee   Comments (1)

I've got this distinct feeling that I'm biting off more than I can chew these days! It's now the Spring Equinox & I still haven't yet got around to publishing the latest newsletter since last autumn, and I now realise that I haven't updated my blog since January. A few things it ISN'T is laziness, neither is it a problem with the availability of time, due to the annual allotment frenzy at this time of the year - although I've rotovated most of my plot whilst the soil had just about dried out enough for the job. The atrocious weather we've experienced should have ensured that I've had enough time to do my writing chores - but not a bit of it.

imageThe REAL reason? The gardeners Chat-Shed FORUM. I think I now know how Dr Frankenstein felt after he created his monster. Whilst the forum does not require that much time to administer, it does take up huge swathes of time posting & chatting. All of this is of course the product of success. When I first launched the forum I never for one moment realised that it would take over my life! Not only has it swallowed up the main Gardeners Chat-Shed site - members no longer contribute much on here, instead they all seem to be addicted to the forum. It's also swallowed up my time that I used to dedicate to the main site, the newsletter & my blog etc. I now find that what I would have published in my blog or in the newsletter now finds it's way into my forum posts! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find things to write about without repeating the things I post in the forum. It's a bit like the 'headache' that coaches have in selecting their team when they have a glut of stars on their hands that they can't all include in their team.

There have also been other complications. Not least the time taken up finding a new allotment site for the Aeron Vale Allotment Society - that is a mammoth task in itself. We've surveyed no less than n9 prospective sites over the last few months but have yet to find a suitable location. Then there's the perennial time waste battling the 'lunatics in charge of the asylum' where I currently cultivate an allotment plot. That could fill the annuls  of a diary the size of War & Peace on it's own - so I won't get tempted into writing the details here - suffice to say it's serious enough to involve solicitors & the police to cope with attempted illegal evictions & lots more!

Anyway must plod on - why didn't someone consider putting 48hours in every day instead of 24? And why doesn't someone warn unwary folk of the consequences of starting up a popular gardening forum on the Internet?





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