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From My Allotment Diary (Friday, Dec. 27th, 2013)

December 27, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (1)

It only seems like yesterday - but it's over SIX weeks since I last updated my blog.

The main 'time eater' has been the new Gardeners Chat-Shed Forum that I've not long completed. The FORUM is now on it's feet and doing very well. Lots of nice decent members on there, lots of posts & plenty of banter. We're turning into a great big happy family.


Strange really - the main Gardeners Chat-Shed was put together nearly four years ago, but it's never really taken off. Roughly 350 members but very few contributors. When I first put that site together what I had in mind was something different to the usual gardening forums on the Internet, where there would be lots of different contents and lots of information, but it seems that gardeners are reluctant to play with something different. So after a head scratch I decided to go back to the older 'Forum' format and voila lots of activity and plenty of input. I still don't quite know why that is, I suppose if it ain't broke I shouldn't have tried to fix it! Still there's now two for the price of one (to quote a common Christmas shopping marketing slogan!).

 I should have got the newsletter out before the end of December, but I bit off more than I could chew at this time of the year. Not to worry, it's a pretty bare time of the year when it comes to allotment gardening anyway, so hopefully the newsletter faithful won't mind a January/ February offering instead of the scheduled November/ December issue. I doubt if many will notice anyway!

Well the Christmas madness is nearly over & it's as far away now as it ever was. One bonus is that I won't have to listen to the insane chirpings that I've been listening to since October about how many 'shopping days' are left till Christmas. Another week or so and the dust should settle and we can all get back to normality. For a celebration that causes so much stress, and is perpetually accused of being daft and commercialised, everyone insists on falling into the same trap every year. The next bit of news will be how the divorce and suicide rates have peaked in January!  I suppose there are some things in life that I'll never fathom, Christmas & why gardeners prefer old fashioned forums to new style 'social network' sites being just two at the top of the list!


We've had our share of "weather" here on the west coast in the last week or so. Gale force winds, torrential rain, followed by more of the same in the form of huge Atlantic storms. The old Jet Stream has apparently been working overtime - travelling at speeds touching 300mph across the ocean. Should have been great for Santa if he managed to get his reindeer up to 30,000 feet! We haven't moved on much from the Dark Ages have we? When some of us could actually have been convinced of such supernatural happenings as a fat old man in a red suit and bushy white beard travelling across the heavens in a sleigh drawn by flying reindeer carrying a sack full of enough toys for every child on earth (a sobering thought even for a lunatic asylum member). However to tell our little ones of such happenings in a supposedly sane and scientifically enlightened time makes it even more akin to raw madness! And we have the cheek to laugh at people who still carve totem poles out of wood & worship them! Or change the kit colour of a football team from blue to red because it will bring good luck, although the team is still called The Bluebirds (Cardiff City). Or produce our crops and feed them on fertilizer and transport them around the globe to be eaten out of season using a fuel that we know is running out. It makes you wonder if our perception of sanity is actually deserving of our continued existence on this planet. I'd better stop there otherwise I'll depress myself to the point where I'll become a suicide statistic for the January figures, although contrary to popular belief, suicide rates apparently peak in late spring/ early summer in the UK. Or is that another mad myth designed to keep gardeners going?!

Whilst on the subject of depression my allotment plot was under two feet of water again this last week (as it usually is at least twice a year & five times in 2012). So our seasonal dinner came from the supermarket this year - because the parsnips, cabbage, sprouts and other goodies were doing  a 'swaying seaweed at the bottom of the ocean' act. How depressing is that? I think it's time for a serious think about a move off the site, which is actually a lunatic asylum with the lunatics still in charge of it. So it may be time to move on.




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