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From My Allotment Diary (Thurs. April 18th, 2013)

April 17, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (9)

As it's blowing a gale outside, and I have nothing much to report from my allotment diary, so I thought I'd treat readers of my Blog to a little video of my home town Aberaeron.

Naturally filmed in the summer (well May 2010 actually - almost summer) it makes you feel nice and summery whilst listening to a winter gale  tonight (in the middle of April in 2013). A little creature comfort - whilst waiting for the sun to return & the lottie to turn green again! Sigh!




From My Allotment Diary (Thurs. April 11th, 2013)

April 11, 2013 by BigGee   Comments (1)

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imageA start at last! Although Big Bertha made short change of turning over the plot (twice - bless her - before going off to start on my friend Stephen's plot) The REAL work started this week. It's one thing to walk behind a rotavator, it's entirely a different matter when the hand tools & barrow come out of the shed - along with Bertha's baby sister - Little Tilly - the Mantis!

After hours of digging out six 40' rows (that's just over 12m each - for you post new money readers). I've barrowed 20 loads of manure into those rows, ready for the potato tubers. These pictures were taken on the 9th of this month; since then three rows of earlies have gone in and been imageearthed over, the next three will get the treatment in the next week or two - depending on the weather & the state of my, by now, very fragile carcass!

As you can see I've also started on the beds. this is the first of ten. All my onion & shallot sets are now snugly tucked up in this first bed. The red hue you can see is a sprinkling of blood, fish & bone meal, along with a liberal amount of chicken poo pellets. No nasty inorganic oil based fertilizers here!

imageThis season the potato varieties from the right of this last photo will include Vales Emerald (first early), Salad Blue (second early and a first for me), Charlotte (my favourite second early salad potato), then Pink Fir Apple, followed by Pentland Hawk & Ulster Classic (main crop varieties).

Today the rain came, and not before time really. It's got amazingly dry over the last few weeks with that east wind we've had. Although the soil was just perfect for working right now, but growth is non existent at the moment. In fact everything has dried to a cold crimp. Even the grass has turned brown. So with a good few days rain and a bit of sun things should perk up. Trouble is whoever turned the tap on in spring last year, forgot to turn it off again. Let's hope this year is a bit better, and the "tap turner" remembers to come back! If I have a summer as wet as last year I'm taking up a different hobby.

Right now - I'm pleased as punch. It's mission accomplished as far as what I wanted to do before it rained is concerned, AND I was desperate for a rest by today!



For anyone who's interested, you can see my 2013 Plot Planting Plan by clicking HERE



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