Growing Frangipani from seed

May 12, 2013 by Star   Comments (7)


  Growing my Frangipani seeds. Well after two failed attempts I have succeeded.


I had sent for 50 x Big Paddock Mix from a Frangipani grower up north, no idea what type or colour they are. After going to the South Perth Plant Show in February where I asked a nice man the best way to start them off I came home full of enthusiasm to give it a go.


His advise to me was to sow them in a pot in damped potting mix then cover them with cling film and then forget about them for 2 weeks. The seeds are like Sycamore seeds, a bulbous end with a paper like wing. You have to bury the seed and leave the wing above the soil.


I sowed about half of them in a variety of pots and covered in different ways.image

image A long trough type container that I covered with Perspex, separate flower pots which I put in a propagator and one in a pot covered with cling film.


Of course I couldn't forget about them for 2 weeks.........kept having a peek and if the mix looked a bit dry I would give a light spray with rain water. being careful not to make it too wet.

After about 2 weeks some started to emerge I had succuss with all of the methods.image



When they got their 2nd set of leaves I transplanted them into individual pots and kept them under coverimage at night.


They are now growing very well I put them in the sunshine during the day and under the patio at night. I had 15/16 seeds out of about 25 I planted so was pleased.....I stuck the long planter on the garden when it had finished and we had some rain...guess what another dormant seed came to life, so that is 16/17 new plants. I say 16/17 as one looks like it has been got at by something and I don't know if it will make it.

imageThis is the last one to emerge, still has the paper wing on it.

It should be about 2 years before they flower and I find out what colours and types they will of course seed from any plant can turn out different from the mother exciting.


I have some a nice man gave me last year when they were only about 3 inches high, they are doing well despite being covered in hail just after he gave them to meimage again I don't know what these ones are he does a lot of importing and breeding his own.....fingers crossed these will flower next summer.


Like most things in gardening it is a waiting project.....I have an Oriental Lily that I dried a seed pod of, hung it in a paper bag and now I have seeds of that to start off. I have read you start them, then put them in the fridge for 3 month and little bulbs should form............but they take up to 5 years to flower..............hmmmmmmmmmmm will I still be here then.


Will keep you updated on the Frangipanis.


:) Wow you got more patience than me certainly a slow process my problem would be remembering what was what I am not the best at writing notes thats why I take a lot of photos they are my memory aid.

I am afraid to say I have never seen a frangipanis.

dave 1745 days ago

Sylv, your potting area looks like a clean operating theatre compared to the potting bench in my polytunnel! :P

BigGee 1745 days ago

There are some Frangipanis Dave. They come in all sorts of colours. Pinks, Yellows, Whites, Reds.

Look BG I managed to add a photo...............Tra raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Star 1745 days ago

BG, It's not always tidy...........table is the one hubby made for me.

Star 1745 days ago

:) Wow they are nice no wonder you are keen to grow them suppose they need a hot enviroment to grow well and lots of attention

dave 1744 days ago

Hi Dave, no they dont really need a lot of attention.............they really look after themselves, just a bit of water when it has been really hot.

They dont like it cold.....I think they all came from Hawaii originally.


They have  a lovely perfume , I am told. I can't really smell them.

Star 1740 days ago



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