Waldeck Nursery

May 12, 2013 by Star   Comments (2)


My friend called on Thursday and asked if I want to go out on Saturday as an early Mother's Day treat for ourselves. I of course said "yes"....anything to get out of the asylum...lol.


She picked me up at 2pm and said would you like to go to Hillarys Boat Harbour or Waldeck Nursery, I plumbed for the nursery.


First stop the café for a nice piece of cake. ....Bailey's Cheesecake, that went down well with a chat.


We decided we both had enough plants for now so we just went to the shop for a look around, there we spied these lovely butterflies and dragonflies.


I must say I was tempted, but then I saw the  lovely fibreglass pots in their bright colours.

image The Fuschia Pinks

imageThe bright bold Reds.

imageThe vibrant Turquoise, I was sorely tempted there but I resisted........mind you, now I can imaging it in the middle of my glass outdoor table with the same plants in.

Oh well I can always go back another day.... he he he.

That brings me to  today, Mother's Day.....eldest son woke me with a cuppa and suggested I stayed in bed as it was only 7º-8ºC outside, he also said he would be buying Chinese for dinner tonight......other son still asleep....will update if he remembers.



:) Thats great they certainly know how to do the displays to get you to part with your money  Hope you didn't overspend. Chinese is one of my favourite meals not keen on Indian but you cannot beat good old english fish and chips our local chippy great.

Got some nice stuff there but I bet it pricey.

dave 1744 days ago

Hi Dave, No I didn't overspend, only bought a small blue glass bottle for $4.99.............doesn't mean I wont go back and spend more another day..........lol.

Chinese was nice with enough left over for dinner tonight too.

Star 1744 days ago



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