The building of my new Bali Hut.

April 13, 2013 by Star   Comments (4)

We had to take down the old pergola as the timber had rotted and this is what we decided to have in it place.

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A knock on my bedroom door. "Mum it is 6.30am".............."Thanks Rich" says I.


It's Friday morning, I had asked Richard to wake me before he left for work as the men were coming to build my Bali Hut at 7am.


I woke to grey skies with a forcast of rain...........not a good start.

The men arrived at about 7.15 and got straight to work.....first the pine polesimage

Within an hour and a half the frame was up and they had started on the pitch.


It seemed every time I looked out the window in had grown alot.


The thatch came in long strips.


The thatch going on.



First side finished.


Working on second side in the rain


Finishing off, adding thatch to hips and raking it.image

The poor guys were soaked


They finish off by covering it with netting and trimming the edge.


I have yet to trim back the hibiscus and do some new planting under it. Then I have to add some of my statues and my chairs and table.


This is inside the roof...........doesn't it look nice and tidy.



I am sure I will spend many a hot sunny day under it, they do say the temperature under the roof is 10ºcooler than outside.


:) That will keep you nice and cool when it really hot. Looks really good well made and you got a couple of good guys putting it up for you. Looks lovely that swimming pool really jealous I would love that in my garden I would be in there every morning IF we had the weather.

dave 1771 days ago

Now I know why we haven't heard from you for a while!

Fantastic job - reminiscent of an African structure - no wonder if it cools you by 10o in a hot country like Africa (& Oz of course).

It looks perfect for your location, but it would look a bit out of place on my wind-swept & wet lottie on a Welsh hill-side!

Christmas dinner in the shade for you this year? image

BigGee 1771 days ago

Thank you, Thank you.

Yes, we are really pleased with it. I have cut down some of the Hibiscus that were under it and too near the thatch.

BG  they do African thatch over here too but that is cut in layers and we preferred this. The man that did this also did all the ones in Perth Zoo.

Of course S*D's law means it has been cloudy with a forcast of showers every day since it was done. In fact we have showers forcast for every day this week!!!!

I think it will still be too hot to eat out there at Christmas time BG............but a champagne breakfast sounds good.

Star 1770 days ago

Bought the stain yesterday to stain the poles ..a teak stain. was going to do it today but woke with  muzzy head so gave it a miss. Instead I  just potted about cutting dead leaves off of some plants.

Star 1763 days ago



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