"Best friend"

October 26, 2012 by Star   Comments (5)

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a friend of mine gave me a weeping rose.......she was moving and had no room for it where she was going. It was a beautiful rose, just my colour fuschia pink unfortunately it was not perfumed.image

In time it outgrew where I had it, so I passed it on to my best friend who had just the spot for it in her front garden.


I was sad to lose such a beautiful coloured rose, so when I saw an ordinary bush rose in a similar pink I bought it. Well that was 2 years ago....last year it had one bud on it, but somewhat ironically( when you here about the name) my dog knocked the bud off before it could develope.


So when I saw a bud on it this year I eagerly awaited it's opening.image

Every day I would check on it to see if it had opened a bit more.image

I wasn't disappointed.


It was getting more beautiful every day.


It had such a long straight stem, if only there were more flowers I could pick this beauty to take inside.


Today I discovered it has a lovely perfume too.....bonus.




I am looking forward to many years of enjoying this beautiful rose called "Best Friend". A good name when you think of how it's predecessor was passed from friend to friend.

But this rose was named by the RSPCA "to honour the unconditional special friendship that comes from having loving pet". That is why I said it was ironic that my dog knocked off the first bud it ever had. But the 2 year wait was worth it.


As much as I love my "Icebergs" and my "Just Joey"..........this one will always be my favourite.


What a lovely story! I thoroughly enjoyed that. It's what writing blogs is all about - giving others the joy of reading your experiences. These are the simple things that should be shared with others - that's why I built the site in the first place - to share.

Fantastic - I look forward to hearing lots more from you!

BigGee 1941 days ago

 Gee thanks BG  you are too kind.

Star 1941 days ago

It's a weakness of mine - along with sharing all my smileys!

BigGee 1940 days ago

:) Yes Star I gotta agree with G lovely story and a lovely rose to go with it. I have got 2 nice roses growing in the front part of my place will have to take some pics when they in bloom so you can see what I have got.


dave 1940 days ago



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