April 2013

Perth Garden Week.

April 19, 2013 by Star   Comments (3)

It was a misty morning on the first day of Perth Garden Week, could hardly see the end of the road at 8am but that was the day we had decided to go and by 10am the mist had all lifted.

I set off at 10am to fill the tank and then pick up my friend. The forcast was for showers, so we both took our brollies.

It took about half an hour to get to Floreat ( the suburb it was held in), parking was easy and through the gates in a matter of moments. Right where to start..........well me being me I headed for a stall with Bali style things on it.


Then we spotted this nice garden feature on a stand by some landscapers, called "The Birdcage".......I could just image it as a lovely setting for a garden wedding.


Opposite this was a wholesale nursery display that we walked around, they had some lovely plants......


I forget what these are called but I am sure some of you will know.

There was also Clematis for Malcolm.imageimageimageimageimage

Sorry I dont know the names of any of them.

This is where I bought a Vigna Caracalla or Snail Vine.....reads like I will have to keep it well trimmed.


Being called the snail vine because the buds look similar to a snail.

Then a rest and lunch, Hamburger with plenty of salads.



We next went in the Bulbs tent where I bought a tiny Nerine, colour bright pink.


There were alot of stalls/tents to visit with a variety of plants and goodies, below are some photos of them.imageimageimageSome lovely Water Lillies.

One of our last stops was a stand of outdoor furniture.....here we entered in a competition to win one item on display. One guess what I would choose.

imageimageimage Yes you are right, this one.


I also bought these items.image


We then sat and had a soft serve ice-cream before heading home.

We had not one drop of rain, in fact it got quite hot 26ºC........but the minute I was home it started. The sun must shine  on the righteous.......lol



The building of my new Bali Hut.

April 13, 2013 by Star   Comments (4)

We had to take down the old pergola as the timber had rotted and this is what we decided to have in it place.

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A knock on my bedroom door. "Mum it is 6.30am".............."Thanks Rich" says I.


It's Friday morning, I had asked Richard to wake me before he left for work as the men were coming to build my Bali Hut at 7am.


I woke to grey skies with a forcast of rain...........not a good start.

The men arrived at about 7.15 and got straight to work.....first the pine polesimage

Within an hour and a half the frame was up and they had started on the pitch.


It seemed every time I looked out the window in had grown alot.


The thatch came in long strips.


The thatch going on.



First side finished.


Working on second side in the rain


Finishing off, adding thatch to hips and raking it.image

The poor guys were soaked


They finish off by covering it with netting and trimming the edge.


I have yet to trim back the hibiscus and do some new planting under it. Then I have to add some of my statues and my chairs and table.


This is inside the roof...........doesn't it look nice and tidy.



I am sure I will spend many a hot sunny day under it, they do say the temperature under the roof is 10ºcooler than outside.




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