February 2013

South Perth Flower Show 23/02/2013

February 23, 2013 by Star   Comments (4)

South Perth Flower Show.

Set off about 10.15am to go to the garden show..had a good run, not much traffic about. My friend was the driver as I am always the driver on our movie day. Found our way there OK thanks to the SatNav.


It was held at the South Perth Community Centre, as we parked the car we looked across the park to some of Perth City skyline.

imageBetween the park and the city is the Swan River.


There were many stalls there, each for a different group of plants. My favourites were the Frangipanis and the ferns

imageBut there were stalls for Roses, Orchids, Irises, African Violet, Gerberas, Palms and Cyclads, Succulants, Hibiscus etc, etc, etc. I took some photo's of the Succulants for my friend.





imageThis last one reminds me off Jubba the Hut from Star Wars.


I bought 4 new ferns, I also had a chat with someone on the Frangipani stall and hopefully found out where I am going wrong with the seeds I have tried to grow.


On the way out there was a stall selling Lavender products, I bought a Body Butter as I usually use the Body Shop one and I would rather support a local product, besides that it was cheaper....lol.


We called in at a cafe on the way home and had some lunch.


While I was away OH had cracked on and had nearly finished my new potting bench he is making for me out of the decent wood off of the pergola we had to take down.......


imageI have to do a paint job on it when he has finished. I have already cleared the space for it.



So tomorrow morning I will have to get out there early to clear some spaces in the fern garden for my new plants.


I enjoyed today.



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