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Ass. Site Administrator 3: @dmp0427 Hello.......most of us meet on the Forum....pop in and look.
Posted to the wire 1357 days ago via site.
Posted to the wire 1363 days ago via site.
dmp0427: Hey guys I'm new here I have a question About the beans I'm growing everything Is on schedule but I'm concerned about White spot on leaves
Posted to the wire 1364 days ago via site.
Webmaster/ Site Administrator: Hi Pumpkin Guts! Welcome to the Gardenersd Chat Shed - hope you enjoy here - don't forget to pop into our forum.
Posted to the wire 1370 days ago via site.
BigGee: Hi WestVirginiaLady72! Glad you got your link sorted! Bit quiet here - check out the forum ;-)
Posted to the wire 1374 days ago via site.
BigGee: @fergi Woo-hoo - 4 you being out of hosp & for another 100% germination rate. Go to - it's all the rage!
Posted to the wire 1374 days ago via site.
Assis. Site Administrator: @fergi Hi Fergi everyone is on the new site type "/forum" after shed nice to have you back mate
Posted to the wire 1375 days ago via site.
fergi: Where's everyone gone, back out of hospital and this site deserted, Come on BigGee time for a blog. By the way all purple beans germinated
Posted to the wire 1376 days ago via site.
Ass. Site Administrator 3: Hi Dave..........we have at last had some decent on Forum gallery
Posted to the wire 1393 days ago via site.
Assis. Site Administrator: @sylvias hi Sylv only a dozen this time pain they are were winning tho enjoy that hot weather you got
Posted to the wire 1398 days ago via site.


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