Group discussion > A mystery plant to identify

A mystery plant to identify

1583 days ago

This is the main plant

This is the flower.

1583 days ago

Give me a bit of time to think about it & I'll come back to you Dave.

1583 days ago

The main plant looks like something from the brassica family that's flowered. The main flower picture makes it look like something from the primula family. It isn't a primula - it's too tall and the leaves are the wrong shape.

Give me a few more clues like:

  • Where is it growing? E.g.  soil type, sunny or shady position, wet bor dry conditions etc..
  • Is it a perennial or an annual?
  • Is it a cultivated plant?
  • Did it just appear (as a weed) or was it sown?
  • Is it a singular plant or is it in a group or cluster, or scattered around?

Identifying a flower (unless it's very common or familiar) is a tough task. Flowers are not my forte anyway. But I'll give it a go if you give me a bit more info.



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