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Big Gee, my friend
« : September 24, 2018, 04:38:06 PM »
 Just like to let you know your wonderful Aeron Purple Star that made it's way across the pond is a big hit both sides of the border. I understand you have really been under the weather for some time now,  unfortunately I'm in the same place but still hanging in. usf:-(.
I haven't seen an offer up for your wonderful runner for 2019 so just wanted to let you know that there are several of us over here trying to keep them in the hands of amateur growers and asking them  when sharing they keep their name you have given them and  respect your wishes that they are not be sold commercially.

I have a very good friend in the U.S.  although I have never met in person, is working on perfecting if that's possible your APS's just like our friend Rob was, how I miss that man.
My friend  is growing them in isolation, the first batch of seed I sent him he got a few greenies so he was working on weeding them out, the second batch of seed I sent him I got from Rob, no greenies :).  I know your wonderful runner is safe in his hands
 and he'll abide by your wishes and carry on your work with what has to be my favorite runner of all time.

I didn't grow it this year, I can't tell you how much I missed doing so, but, I was trying to help someone on your side of the pond find an elusive Polish runner. So this sleuth went to work, with much help from  people both sides of the border we tracked it  down in eastern Europe, a packet made it's way to the states, got divided between 4 of us, I sent 5 of what I had back to the U.K. and grew 3 myself. The gal your side of the pond had some success with them but it was a bust for the ones that tried growing them states side. I got a bumper crop so I sent a lot back to those who lost them plus a few more over here and have just mailed off some more to the gal on your side of the pond so she can do a decent grow out next year. This is the gal who found Sarah's Old Fashioned Black for me, a bean I'd been searching years for, grew it this year and has now become one of my favorite snap beans, As you can see we bean addicts stick together no matter where in the world we live :).

Hope you see this my friend and hopefully you will be feeling better soon :-)=