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Only a token effort today
« : May 02, 2015, 01:57:30 AM »
It's been a busy day. Chiropodist this morning, the plot to get some rhubarb at lunch time, then off to fetch the grandson for the weekend (that's a two and a half hour round trip) & this evening I went down the plot for a stroll again to help my mate Stephen put up his bean canes. He has a 30' row with 40 plants on each side (he loves his runners does our Stephen - all Aeron Purple Stars).

Also got some 4' plastic coated steel 'cane' supports from Aldi's on my travels. I use them to support my plastic fence strung between two posts for my peas (I'll upload a couple of photos when I remember to take my camera down). They're on offer in Aldi's at £3.99 for 6. Not exactly cheap but cheaper than the £ shop. They last a lifetime, so they're an investment over time. I have been eying up 8 footers for the bean frame, but a tad expensive for that (about £120 for 40). If I lived long enough they would probably pay for themselves eventually - not having to buy a bamboo cane again that lasts a few seasons and then disintegrates. But as I don't win the lottery every week I'll just have to persevere with panda food!