: Girasol (Jerusalem) Artichoke wine  ( 356 )

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Girasol (Jerusalem) Artichoke wine
« : February 21, 2015, 05:12:49 PM »
Fancy something truly different next autumn? Then get some Girasol (Jerusalem) Artichoke tubers now - to plant later on in spring. Out of interest 'Jerusalem Artichokes' have absolutely NOTHING to do with artichokes and even less to do with Jerusalem! The Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a native of eastern north America and is a species of sunflower. The plant is covered with sunflower-like flowers in late summer which can also be use to make wine - but this recipe uses the tubers. The original name given to them was girasol artichoke (from girasole the Italian for sunflower) but as a result of a lot of ignorance during our colonial past, some clown misunderstood the pronunciation and thought the seller was saying JERUSALEM! The rest as they say is history!

Anyway, girasol artichokes grow in dense clusters and develop tubers in their roots that are usually harvested after the first frost. They are no problem to grow in the UK - in fact the biggest problem is stopping them from growing forever after wherever you put them!They are an exceptional food, both raw and cooked, and make a pretty good wine too - they are also famous for their gas production, so if you eat them and tend to suffer from flatulence you'd better isolate yourself somewhere!

Here are the ingredients:

    5-6 lbs Girasol (Jerusalem) artichoke tubers
    2 lbs dark or light brown sugar
    2 lemons
    2 oranges
    1/2 oz ginger root
    1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
    water to one gallon
    1 tsp yeast nutrient
    wine yeast

And the method:

Scrub girasol artichoke tubers, do not peel. Boil tubers in about 7 pints of water until tender. Remove the tubers for other uses and retain the water for the wine. Put sugar in the water, along with the thinly peeled rinds (no pith, please) of the lemons and oranges and their juice. Thinly slice the ginger root and add to water. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and simmer 15-20 minutes while stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat and strain water into primary. Cover with sterile cloth and allow to cool to room temperature. Add pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient, stir, recover and set aside for 12 hours. Add activated wine yeast and ferment 7 days, stirring daily. Siphon into secondary, affix airlock and set aside to ferment out. Rack after 60 days, top up and reattach airlock. When wine clears, rack again, top up and reattach airlock. Rack again after 2 months and again 2 months later. Stabilize, sweeten if desired, allow to set 14 days to ensure fermentation does not restart, and rack into bottles.

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Re: Girasol (Jerusalem) Artichoke wine
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Wow windy wine     lol(1)