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Kefirs on a diet
« : January 20, 2015, 12:49:42 AM »
Hi! I couldn't resist this sub-forum, kefir in a garderners shed.
I'm not sure if it's growing, having livestock or more like keeping a house pet.

Anyways. I just wanted to share my (maybe a bit odd) ways of enjoying kefir.
First of, I'm vegan since many years and also really into most things fermenting. So naturally I wanted to get my hands on kefir and kindly try to make them happy with a nutritious vegan life, like my own. This I can say now with over one year experiences is indeed very possible.

I like to stick to basics and not having to rely on readymake soy- or oatmilk, so I soon found a easy way with;
Soaked dried apricots
Oat flakes

In a glass jar that I can fit my stick blender into I;
Soak one small bit of dried apricot (about the siza of a pea) and 4-5 hazelnuts for an hour or so (or overnight) in ~2dl water. Then in with around two tablespoons of oat flakes and blend away for a minute or so. Dilute if it's to thick (but it sould not be too thin). Then I take the kefir grains from the earlier batch, rinse them in a bit of water and drop them into the new jar. But a paper over the opening and let stand for about 24h.

I tend to do this swap into the new batch at night (often to late, getting lost in this sea of information online) and then pouring the ready oat-nut-kefir over a homemade muesli (Flakes of rye, barley and buckweat, sesame, sunflower seeds and a bit of dried nettels powder). I let this soak until the morning breakfast. It's a treat! I also imagine that the sour kefir helpes in reducing the Phytic acid in the whole grains and seeds.

The only downside is that the grains needs something in milk (might be casein) to grow, so my grains have not grown significantly over the year. I've split one to pass on to my mother (who has converted it back to cow milk) but mine are about the sizes of a hazelnut with shell.

That's that. More ferments are waiting to be shared.

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Re: Kefirs on a diet
« #1 : January 20, 2015, 11:30:18 AM »
Thanks for that murklan! It's a very interesting slant on the use of kefir. I for one did not realise that it would survive without the nutrients in milk. That is possibly why your 'grains' do not grow to a substantial size very quickly.

However, your recipe obviously suits a vegan - as it does not use milk. I'm sure a few of our other members on here will have some interesting comments to make on your post.

Keep them coming!  ThU5:-)