: Time to start thinking about our feathered friends  ( 1198 )

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Re: Time to start thinking about our feathered friends
« #40 : January 19, 2015, 10:48:12 PM »
Been feeding the birds now for a good couple of months so outside my front window theres nut and seed feeders fat balls and half coconut shells with fat and seed aswell and the birds have been flocking to feed in this cold weather ..     Most days on our walks with the dogs we take some seed or a fatball and place it in the hedge for the birds that never seem to visit the gardens as much think they need something to get them through the cold nights ...    Today while out walking we see a firecrest a very small bird that was looking through the bramble bushes looking for insects to eat quite rare to get to see one .. And in the lane we feed a robin and being the cheeky things they are he follows us down the lane and is not bothered by the dogs today I found him 3 worms and he flew down and ate them so he wont be cold or hungry tonight ... Never know what you may see when the weather gets cold like it has been for the past few nights and there saying it,s gonna get colder so spare a thought for our feathered friends ..