: Murder inquiry after woman, 80, found dead at London allotment  ( 457 )

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Murder inquiry after woman, 80, found dead at London allotment

Body of allotment association secretary Lea Adri-Soejoko was discovered in lockup store at site in Colindale, Met police say

Police at the scene in Colindale, north-west London. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA

Police have launched a murder inquiry after an 80-year-old woman was found dead at an allotment in north-west London.

The body of Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80, was discovered inside a lockup store at the site in Sheaveshill Avenue, Colindale, on Tuesday morning, the Metropolitan police said. Officers said they did not know why anyone would have targeted her.

A postmortem took place on Wednesday. Scotland Yard has not yet disclosed how she died, except to say it was “in the most tragic way possible”.
Adri-Soejoko, who lived near the allotments, was reported missing at about 1.40am on Tuesday. Officers arrived at the scene of her death 25 minutes later.
She was last seen alive at 6.30pm on Sunday, and spoke to a friend on the phone at 2.30pm on Monday, police said.

“She was due to attend a meeting in the Barnet area around gardening and good practice and she did not turn up to that meeting,” said DCI Noel McHugh, of the Met’s homicide and major crime command. “So a friend became concerned and then alerted family members.”

Neighbour Danila Catruta, 39, said she had been left scared by the murder: “Since I heard about it I keep thinking about the situation. How can people do this? I feel very sorry about what happened because no one should be treated like this.”

Adri-Soejoko was listed as secretary of the Colindale Allotment and Garden Association at the 95-plot site and neighbours said she could often be seen tending her own garden.

Window cleaner Eddie Volkovskig, 24, told the Evening Standard: “I saw police cars a few times in the road but didn’t think anything of it. Lea was very friendly and very happy.

“She was always looking after her plants and when I was growing tomatoes she would give me tips. I last saw her a couple of weeks ago.”

On the day of her disappearance Adri-Soejoko is believed to have been wearing a blue quilted jacket, grey bottoms and black boots with white spots and pink piping.

Police are yet to establish a motive for the killing. They said they were looking to account for everybody who was in the allotments between Sunday evening and Tuesday morning, amid reports homeless people have been sleeping in or around the area recently.

McHugh said: “At the moment we do not have a motive for Lea’s murder and I am appealing to the public to help us piece together her movements before her death.

“I want to trace anyone who saw Lea or spoke to her from about midday on Sunday through to when she was reported missing.

“Had anything happened in her life that we should be aware of that might provide a motive for what happened? If you have any information at all, no matter how small, please contact us.

“I am particularly keen to speak to anyone with links to these allotments, who might have visited or been in or around the area throughout Monday 27 February into the early hours of the following morning.

“An elderly woman lost her life in the most tragic way possible and was left inside a storage unit similar to a garage. If you know anything please contact us.”
He reassured residents that patrols have been increased in the area.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 020 8785 8099 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.




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Hi Ya, I have a colleague who wife has a plot near there, she said she was a nice lady. He also said they had someone in the frame and she had been treated badly. He said his wife is a little bit wary about going to her site on her own now and she loves her plot. I said get her one of those rape alarm things, this was a few days ago and he said he followed my advice and got her an alarm and it's good and loud. It's a shame when it this is happening and you wonder where it will all end up. Some one on our site superglued the lock and then smashed it and some of the women on our site, and they are increasing all the time, say they feel vulnerable when on their own. It's a crying shame and if they catch the perpetrator the punishment never fits the crime. It is like the person who has 50 odd points on their licence and still driving as the magistrates can decide wether to ban them or not if they have valid reason to keep their licence, well as far I can see 50 points, do they not think that they are taking the p--s? does make you wonder. lets hope it's not going to escalate.