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Calls for better security measures at Connah’s Quay allotments after more vandalism and thefts

Connah’s Quay allotment tenants are counting the cost of yet another spate of mindless vandalism at the Mill Lane site.

Fed up plot holders are calling on landlord, Connah’s Quay Town Council (CQTC) to beef up security following a series of incidents over recent months.

In the latest wrecking spree, two greenhouses had glass smashed and doors were forced open by yobs looking for anything of value, poly-tunnels were slashed and items were stolen from the site.

North Wales Police said they received three reports of criminal damage following the latest incidents over the weekend.

Antony Wren, Secretary of the Mill Lane Allotment Association believes the councils ‘Empty Wallet Solutions’ approach is undermining the safety of the site, he said:

    "These are not the first incidents of anti-social and criminal activities that have occurred on our allotments, far from it.

    If the site boundaries remain in their current state I am willing to bet these incidents of won’t be the last.

    Site security is all tenants number one concern, this issue needs attention now.

    I believe ‘Empty Wallet Solutions’ discussed at a recent town council meeting are wholly inadequate and will not counteract the decades of neglect that Mill Lane Allotments have had to endure.

A greenhouse belonging to community group “Digging Deeside” was also damaged in the latest incident, luckily another plot holder was able to fix it.

Last year they project was hit by a series of thefts and vandalism attacks.

Digging Deeside the community project run by social entrepreneurs RainbowBiz needs your help!

They are appealing to any businesses or individuals who could help the group get a lockable shed.

On Tuesday morning volunteers were horrified to discover that their tool box had been broken into and items stolen including many donated items from generous community members.

The gardening project based at Connah’s Quay allotments is “a lifeline and weekly routine” say RainbowBiz for several volunteers.

For some of the group it’s the only time they are able to meet like minded people, learn new skills and venture out of the house each week.

Project coordinator Sarah Way said:

“We were given the tool box as a temporary measure and unfortunately it is not secure enough for long term use so thieves were able to get in and steal several items during the week.

We really need a lockable, secure shed for our tools so that the weekly gardening project which supports a number of vulnerable adults each week can continue.

The thefts have been reported to North Wales Police who are taking it very seriously as there are volunteers who visit the allotment on days that the project is not running to simply water the plants, feed the birds and generally maintain the area

If anyone is able to help the project by donating a sturdy, lockable shed you can contact them here: email info@rainbowbiz.org.uk or phone 07759 753473.

Alternatively you can pop down to Connah’s Quay allotments on Tuesday mornings between 10am and 12pm.


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Such a shame when these sites get robbed and vandalised think it,s a problem on most sites wether they are fenced or not if they want to get in they will had a spate of it on our site recently ..