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Re: Garden Organic issues seven-point save our seeds plan
« #20 : February 28, 2014, 11:39:30 AM »
Absolutely loved your rant & agreed with every word of it!  ThU5:-)

(I thought the term "Great Satan" was quoined in the Arab Middle East - but it doesn't matter - because it's absolutely true. Sadly the American political & economic system & it's administration - not so much the ordibnary Americam people - are responsible for many of the world's woes unfortunately. But that's what you'd expect from theworld's biggest exponent of greed fuelled capitalism)

Hi Big Gee,
                 For myself I will give the EEC numpties the time honoured two fingered salute and carry on as usual!!!!!

Who the hell are these faceless bureaucrats to tell me what I can and cannot grow. The time is coming and its not to far off when inorganic fertilisers fail to feed Nations. It has been known for some time that inorganic fertilisers have reached the peak of their performance. This is why vast tracts of African arable land is being stolen from native people by their governments for massive back handers.

But its not the UK that the EEC need to worry about. its the French that they need to concern themselves about. France is a nation of weekend farmers whose seed stock has been handed down like ours for hundreds of years.

The lamb wars will seem like a kindergarten party if the powers that be try to interfere with what they grow!!!!!!
That's what I like about the French they don't moan and send e-mails, they get out on the streets and create havoc until someone listens to them!!!!

But its the American 1984 project at work.

Now I have no love for the Chinese political system, but they got it right when they called America "The Great Satan".

Sorry about the rant but I feel the UK has had enough of the EEC its time to get out.

PS:- There won't be enough jails to go around in France if this comes to fruition!!!!!!!

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