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Gallery Name Gallery Description Total Images
The Main GENERAL GalleryAll members can upload any pictures to this gallery52
Odd/Rude/Funny Fruit & Veg GalleryIf you've dug up or picked something that makes you laugh then photograph it and upload it here - there may be a prize for the best one!17
2014 Smallholders & Garden Festival Show PhotosA selction of a few photos taken at the Royal Welsh Smallholders and Allotments Show May 17th 2014. Plus LOTS of vintage tractor pics! 109
Edible Garden Show (Stoneleigh Park) March 12th 2016A gallery of snapshots taken at the 2016 Edible Garden Show38
Aftermidnight's Personal Gallery4
AllotmentMate's Personal Gallery0
annie_136's Personal Gallery0
Big Gee's Personal Gallery0
bpspider's Personal Gallery0
captainhastings' Personal Gallery0
Diggerybod's Personal Gallery2
easyonthebrain's Personal Gallery0
fergie Phil's Personal Gallery0
fredhogg's Personal Gallery0
galina's Personal Gallery2
Gray's Personal Gallery21
Greylad52's Personal Gallery0
hippydave's Personal Gallery0
ladybird's Personal Gallery0
leaningshed's Personal Gallery56
lottieguy's Personal Gallery5
lottielady's Personal Gallery2
marcofez's Personal Gallery0
Mike Young's Personal Gallery12
Mumsab's Personal Gallery0
Princess Starryshapes' Personal GalleryPrincess Starry Shape's very own piccy corner!51
Richard's Personal Gallery0
Robw349's Personal Gallery0
rugbypost's Personal Gallery0
spuds' Personal Gallery16
squirrel's Personal Gallery3
Star's Personal Gallery33
steve b's Personal Gallery0
Tony's Personal Gallery0
uriel 13's Personal gallery0
Westheathdave's Personal Gallery6

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