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Title: Nitrogen
Post by: Poppa Tommo on January 07, 2017, 08:07:46 AM
I know that I occasionally bang on about sustainability and the importance of organics and renewables etc. well I've just been reading that in order to produce (not enough) nitrogen in our artificial fertilisers at least 1% of ALL energy produced in the world is consumed in the process.

Also, that, of the unbelievably huge amount if the stuff spread on the fields/into hydroponic systems and so on...wait for it...only 15% is consumed by humans or animals....

The rest runs off into watercourses causing overblown weed and algae growth and eventually into the sea where algael blooms destroy the natural ecosystems.

So, that's 85% of all nitrogen, nitrates, nitrites are being pumped into our waterways and the sea.

Many people start wringing their hands and whigeingly exclaiming that we can't feed over 7 billion people without chemical fertilisers.

This an untruth that the chemical giants want you to believe. It is entirely possible, through careful land management, the use of recycled compost etc. In my little corner of the world I have a small, 12 plant bed of Bocking 14 Comfrey ( the non-seeding variety that doesn't seed all over your garden). These plants produce more than enough liquid feed for ALL of my crops.

COMFREY LIQUID has a higher NPK ratio than tomorite, growmore etc, it is natural, easy to produce, stores virtually for ever, does not use 1 ounce of the world's energy to make. The plants themselves require very little maintenance and can produce for 30 years plus. The leaves are full of vitamins, minerals and proteins and have been shown to benefit livestock. I won't go on about the virtues of comfrey as there are articles the Chat-Shed archives if you want to refresh your reading.

Just be aware, that's all, before reaching for that bottle or bag of growmore. Also, if anybody wants some genuine Bocking 14 roots I am more than happy to send you some for free; just refund me the postage. You can buy them on line but I won't charge anything but the postage.
Title: Re: Nitrogen
Post by: Big Gee on January 07, 2017, 01:45:30 PM
It is contrived madness Tommo. I've been beating the drum about these madnesses for years.

We live in a world of perception deception. It's like watching a film. Eventually we start to believe that the film is real because we can recognise ourselves and others in it.

The elites in the shadows have an agenda, to promote that agenda they dupe people into believing all sorts of rubbish. Once the mainstream media start pumping out the lies and misconceptions, the malleable public swallow it. The small numbers of 'awake' people who see through it are labelled as 'conspiracy theorists' and ridiculed.

It is also tied in to what's officially called
AGENDA 21 ( - the main weapon is the PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION technique. It goes something like this: you premeditatedly cause a problem (be it a terrorist threat, economic collapse, man-made global warning predictions or famine due to a lack of food). You then wait for a reaction from the masses, usually it's a cry for "DO SOMETHING!". You then provide the solution (more surveillance in the guise of security, austerity,  eco solutions that make money, GM seed + artificial fertilizers).
Title: Re: Nitrogen
Post by: aftermidnight on January 07, 2017, 04:01:03 PM
Ahhhh, liquid Comfrey, wonderful stuff. I don't grow Comfrey in my garden anymore, finally got rid of it. I had the seeding around kind  :'( but no worries there's loads of it growing across the road in a vacant lot. My garden being small, space is limited. The contraption we built to extract juice was simply a plastic garbage can, a hole cut out in the bottom with a strainer tacked over it. This sat up on a little stool with a bucket under to catch the juice. I keep this going by continually filling the container with leaves and weighting them down with a couple of bricks.
I used it one part of my  Grin2:-) Stink-a-Poo juice to ten parts water for tomatoes, one part juice to twenty parts water for everything else. How do you guys use it. I also throw leaves in my compost boxes.
Title: Re: Nitrogen
Post by: Big Gee on January 07, 2017, 04:06:37 PM
You need Bocking 14 Annette - no more seedlings ever again!

I used to put mine in a hessian sack and immerse it in a water butt - ready diluted, but you need a mask or nose peg to handle it! I think your technique takes a bit of beating for some 'raw' concentrated stuf  ;)