Author Topic: Annette's Raspberry Growing Frame  (Read 213 times)

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Annette's Raspberry Growing Frame
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:58:19 PM »
KT here.

I have posted a series of pictures in Annettes gallery following a conversation we had about her raspberry support and the method she uses to weave in her new, taller variety canes. Anyhow, I thought it looked very interesting so with Annette's permission I have added the pictures and Annette's words below.

The First picture shows the end support stake and cross-members. Wires run full length to the other end where there is the same construction.

The second picture shows the new canes (some are 10' and still growing) tied into the wires to stop the wind if we get one from whipping them around until I deal with them in the fall. The canes are too brittle to mess with right now, once they mature they're much easier to deal with but I'm still pretty gentle with them. In the fall I'll cut them loose from the wire before I start weaving. Notice the spreader bar in the middle, this is to keep the T-Bars from being pulled in when tightening the wire. the wire goes through the T and around to the other side, there's a turnbuckle so if the wire gets too loose we can tighten it.

The next picture shows what they look like after they've been wound around the wires. It doesn't matter which direction they head, some are going in both directions. I just keep wrapping them around the wire and also around the ends of the T-Bar if the canes are long enough when I get to the end of the bed. This wire is at a comfortable height for me picking, it could have been a smidge higher, less bending to get at the berries underneath.

This last picture was taken a couple of years back when we were having a very overcast spring you can see all the side shoots reaching for the light, they usually don't stretch this much. You can barely make out some of the new canes in the middle, as they grow I try to keep them in the middle inside the wires. The Spanish bluebells were removed once when we renewed the bed, dug and sieved the soil, replacing some of it with fresh soil, replaced the 'Latham' with 'Tulameen' raspberries but these darn Spanish bluebells are back, oh well they keep the weeds down. Now if they were English bluebells I'd be in seventh heaven, I'm still trying to get a patch of these going :(.
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Re: Annette's Raspberry Growing Frame
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2014, 06:30:42 PM »
I like that very much. You can tell there's someone who's handy with wood lurking around there somewhere!  CW ;-)

Fabulous design. Copy-cat cap on methinks.  lol(1)