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Garden Centre Xmas
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:14:27 PM »
Hi Ya, Said to OH we could have a ride out to a big garden centre we know and have a snout about and lunch. Of we goes and on arrival the parking was at a premium never seen it so busy. The owl sanctuary people had some birds on show, lovely, Went inside and the whole big room was given over to xmas decoration rubbish. Should of known better really  being this time of year. Saw nothing of any garden stuff and the queue to the café was about 4o people long. Still had a look at the decorations and bought two packets of seed, I thought the checkout would be packed but to my surprise we went straight though. Wanted to compare some prices on stuff I know they have but nothing to be found, bah humbug, still seasons greetings to all

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Re: Garden Centre Xmas
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XMAS,!!! No comment
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