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Missing Worms
« : October 15, 2017, 12:41:46 PM »
I have moved to Somerset, gave up my allotment in Suffolk but I now have enough space to put in raised beds and compost bins in my garden.
Last week I found time to swap the compost from bin 1 to bin 2, in the summer I bought a parcel of worms - hundreds, but as I turned the heap I realized that they have all vanished.
Both bins are on soil, so have they just all moved down and away?


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Re: Missing Worms
« #1 : October 15, 2017, 06:17:13 PM »
It's hard to tell Sinjon. A few factors could be at play. Worms need food and their source of food is organic mater, that's why they thrive in farm yard manure, or soil that is well enriched with organic mater. They usually enjoy a compost heap environment, but their environment needs to be what they like.

They don't like waterlogged soil or compost, in fact many drown in waterlogged soil after a flood.

They don't like a cold environment. The colder it gets the deeper they go, on the other hand they will not stay if the compost heap gets too hot - for obvious reasons. A hot compost heap can reach temperatures of around 49-77 degrees Celsius (120-170 degrees Fahrenheit) that's VERY hot - far too hot for your average earth worm! So they'll scarper, they're not totally stupid!!

So, take your pick. You'll know which of the above situations exist with you. Worms Direct have quite a good factsheet about worms and composting. Click

I hope that helps!


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Re: Missing Worms
« #2 : October 17, 2017, 02:13:41 PM »
Hi sinjon, I wonder as you turned the compost were there any worms in the top compost as they work their way up the heap, is the compost already well rotted? was it brandling worms you bought or earth worms? If you make your heap up and leave it they will find it and start the process, they don't like light so make sure it's covered. Are you using the darlek type bin? A good mixture of green stuff to brown and chuck in some horse poo they will come back. Good luck