Author Topic: And So It Continues  (Read 110 times)

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And So It Continues
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:49:48 AM »
a clip from today's Daily Mirror.

These are appearing more and more frequently. More outrageous are claims by some idiots that this is a campaign by the organic movement. SERIOUSLY,

The research is in the public domain and you really can't argue with the maths. I love the last sentence from the DoH.......Really, as if ANY level is safe!

Anyway, sorry if I've spoiled your breakfast.

TOXIC chemicals have been found in fruit and veg given free to millions of pupils.
[/size]Tests revealed 84% of food including apples and bananas contained r­esidues of one or more pesticides, some with deadly carcinogens.
[/size]And goods are more likely to be toxic than those bought in shops.
[/size]The fruit and veg is given out in a £40million government drive to encourage healthy eating in 2.3million four to six-year-olds. But a report by ­Pesticide Action Network UK, based on official figures, said: “Children are being exposed to a cocktail of pesticide residues. These have potential to harm human health.” The group called on ministers to switch to organic. It is not known why the school fruit is more toxic than in shops but superstores have boosted their safety standards lately.
[/size]The Department of Health insisted the food is safe. A spokeswoman said: “Maximum Residue Levels are set significantly below a level that could represent a risk to health.”
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