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A Brew
« : October 26, 2014, 08:36:36 PM »
A brew i,ve never seen or heard of ... may be of interest ..

Gause Flower

Back to brewing

This is a great brew tasting of coconuts which is amazing in the UK.


10 pints fresh gorse flowers, they smell strong and you squash them down
15 litres water
1.7kg of sugar
6 lemons, juice them
Champagne yeast


As I put in the ingredients the flowers need to smell strong and make sure you get the whole lot of it for the best flavour. Boil the water, add the flowers, cover the mix and leave it to stew over night. Strain the mix and the other ingredients (not the yeast) if the sugar doesn’t dissolve heat the mix again, heating yeast will kill it. Once below body temperature, add the yeast and put the brew in a loosely sealed demijohn. After a few days fit an air lock and watch for the brew rate slowing down. Siphon the mix into a bottle with a tea spoon of sugar (to give it a fizz) and leave to mature. When you can wait no longer enjoy!!!